Acetylcysteine Injection

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Acetylcysteine Injection – 200mg/ml

  1. Indications

    Acetylcysteine Injection is used for the treatment of paracetamol overdose (where you may have taken too much paracetamol). You will be given Acetylcysteine Injection if you havetaken a potentially harmful amount of paracetamol. Acetylcysteine protects the liver from damage by the high levels of paracetamol. It is very effective when given during the first 8 hours following paracetamol overdose. The effectiveness is reduced as the time interval increases, but it can still help when given up to 24 hours after the overdose.

  2. Side-Effects

    Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

    Tell your doctor or nurse immediately if you notice any of the following:

    * swelling of the face, lips or tongue

    * wheezing, difficulty in breathing

    * feeling or being sick

    * irritation at the injection site

    * skin rash, itching

    * flushing (red face or feeling hot)

    * low blood pressure resulting in dizziness

    * rapid heart beat or increased blood pressure.

    These symptoms often happen 15 to 60 minutes after the start of the infusion, and may be relieved by stopping the infusion. You may need to be treated with antihistamines or corticosteroids. Once the reaction is under control the infusion can be restarted.

    Other rare side effects:

    * coughing, noisy breathing

    * respiratory arrest (stop breathing)

    * chest tightness or pain,

    * puffy eyes, blurred vision, pain in the face or eyes

    * sweating, feeling unwell

    * raised temperature, hot, red face and skin

    * liver problems

    * slow heart beat, cardiac arrest (heart stops beating)

    * fainting, collapsing, fits

    * reduction in blood platelets, which increases the risk of bleeding or bruising

    * a condition called acidosis, which may cause weariness, vomiting, thirst or restlessness

    * anxiety

    * joint pain or disease

    * bluish skin from low oxygen levels in the blood

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